Flower & Decoration Policy


One of the most difficult and emotional challenges a perpetual care cemetery faces are the establishment and enforcement of its floral and decoration policies.  We have attempted to give our families some freedoms in decorating, yet still provide a safe environment for visitors and our employees. 

The policies below are created with the following thought and consideration:

  • Safety of Visitors 

  • Safety of our employees 

  • Efficiency – the ability of our staff to maintain the grounds. 


Flower & Decoration Policy 

  • Flowers, flags and any other decorations must be confined to the flower vase and not exceed 30” in height.  Gluing, taping, wiring or otherwise affixing items to the vase and/or memorial is prohibited. 

  • No breakable items permitted at any time – even in the vase.  Broken debris can be thrown by mowing equipment and injure visitors and employees.  Debris can also damage equipment or cause tire problems on equipment. 

  • If no permanent memorial is installed at the time of death, a temporary marker is allowed to be placed on the grave for a maximum of ninety (90) days.  This marker is furnished by your funeral home.  Any “homemade” memorial placed upon the grave will be removed by staff. 

  • All memorials must comply with size, material, and location policies.  No foot markers or granite is allowed in bronze sections.  No new corner markers are allowed.  Forest Hills must perform all installations. 

  • Funeral flowers left by the funeral home and/or family shall remain for three (3) days following the service at which time staff shall remove and discard flowers. 


Items No Longer Permitted 

  • Shepherd’s hooks 

  • Customized metal works of any kind to be placed in ground at or near markers. 

  • Trinkets and mementos-these include but are not limited to toys, rocks, dolls, candles, globes, etc. 

  • No separate solar lights UNLESS it will fit in vase and meet maximum height restrictions. 

  • No separate benches or chairs.  You may bring a chair with you during your visitation time. 

  • No planting of live flowers, shrubs, trees and any other landscaping materials. 

  • No decorative rocks, pebbles, gravels, brick chips, timbers, trellis, figurines, statues, potted plants, etc. are allowed at any time. 



Neither Forest Hills Memory Gardens nor its employees accept any liability for damages due to lost, missing or stolen decorations of any kind.  You are placing flowers and decorations at your own risk.