The Garden of Loyalty

Want to be memorialized in the same Garden as your beloved loyal pets?

Now you can!

Reserve your burial spaces in this rare, one-of-a-kind burial Garden. 

Forest Hills is proud to have spearheaded recently enacted legislation changing the laws governing cemeteries to allow for this special Garden to be available in our Region. The Farris family was instrumental in ensuring we have this option at Forest Hills and in the state of Virginia. Only three states (NY, PA, VA) allow pets and humans to be buried in the same burial garden, each with their own space, and Forest Hills is proud to offer this service to pet lovers.

"It was either adopting some human babies or adopting some doggie babies, and we chose the dogs. We're all created by God. And there's no reason that we cannot be together at our final resting place."

Tom Rakoczy